This blog is predominately a travel blog about my adventures around the world. It is the best way for me to share my adventures with my family and friends. I do speak about archaeology and what is happening but I try to do so in a easy to understand fashion. I also run a small high school program where students get to work at Poggio Civitate. They keep a blog of their time here: https://rjhsfieldschool.wordpress.com/ and here https://regisjesuit.com/archaeology.

If you want an archaeology blog Dr. Shipley has a great one:  http://potsplacesstonesbones.blogspot.com/. As does the Cosa excavations:  http://cosaexcavations.blogspot.com/.

I have been working for 10 years as a field archaeologist in Italy and 3 different sights (Poggio Civitate, Villa of Maxentius, Cosa). And continue to travel all over Italy and the rest of the world. I love to talk about my travels so feel free to leave a comment here. You can also email me at acarroll[AT]regisjesuit.com if you need more information.

Thanks for checking out the blog.


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