Poggio Civitate Week 5- Thunderstorms and Motopompa

Another week come and gone and only 1 more left. This was a weird work week for us, it has finally started to get hot here in Tuscany that was until Wednesday when we had a tremendous thunderstorm, luckily we were able to get off the hill, however we were in the Mag when it hit and it was downpouring. The rain was so heavy we couldn’t see the hill from Murlo (which is a normal thing to be able to do). We had placed plastic tarp on the trenches to try and keep them dry but it was no use. Tony went up to site after the rain and saw the bath tubs we had made, we actually had to cancel normal work on Thursday. The students went into Siena and the staff went up on site to bail the trenches. We pulled out the old gas powered pump that we bought in 2009 and fired her up. It still worked (thank god) and we got to work pumping and bailing. By 8:30 they were empty of the water but it was clear most of us would not be working on site that day. So instead we went to the Mag and got caught up on documentation. Some people were able to work in the afternoon, but not my trench so we stayed longer in the mag. Friday was a wash too, my trench was too damp even in the afternoon (we got a little worked done but not much). It was cool because I was able to walk all over the hill and gave tours of it to different groups of people (some students who missed the first one and some 2nd years who never saw Poggio Aguzzo) and I got to romp and show some people a few of the old WWII quarries that seems to dot the hill and that I recently stumbled upon.


Next week will prove interesting when we try to catch up on the work we missed. Today I went into Siena for the first time since getting to Italy. It was great and sad at the same time. I love the city and walking around in it, but it is sad because I will be on my way home soon again. Either way it was great, sitting in the Campo, walking up to the Duomo, going to the Archaeology Museum and seeing the Steve McCurry exhibit there. McCurry is a famous National Geographic Photographer who is known for the Afgan girl (and a lot of other great images but that was the photo that jogged my memory). After that I took the 12:50 bus home and helped Grayson with another photo shoot (he was taking photos of Johan, the brother of Fredrick, a excavator at the site). Tonight is the 2nd pig roast but I will be going to TNT to get a pizza and some beer before the end of the season.


Ciao for now.


About handyatmurlo

I am a Latin teacher at Regis Jesuit High School. I earned my MA at CU Boulder and my BA at UMass Amherst. I have spent my summers working in Italy as an archaeologist at three different sites. One I have worked at for 10 years at Poggio Civitate at Vescovado di Murlo. I have worked at the Villa of Maxentius in Rome for 2 years, before the project ended. I also spent 2 summers at the FSU excavations in Cosa.
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