Last 2 weeks at Poggio Civitate

Well it has been a busy two weeks. Sorry for not updating the blog sooner. Not only have I been trying to finish up the dig season but I have also been trying to get ready for my new job in Colorado. Needless to say it has been a busy couple of weeks. I was given a second trench to open, and for a few days I was running both trenches at once. The dig has been going well and now that it is over I can start to provide a better picture of what we may have found. In Civitate B there are hints of non-elite architecture. Lucy and Eoin may have found evidence of post holes. In my first trench we seems to have found a slope of flakey limestone which was underneath Rob’s shelf of rocks. My second trench was less exciting, we didn’t find any trace of another post hole or a floor. Guess this means we will be digging in CB again for another year. While for most of these last two weeks I have been directing the digging that has gone on. I also had the pleasure of inheriting a project from Ann (a fellow 6 yearer). She was tasked with collecting elevations across the floor of all of the trenches. Well the fastest way to do this was with the transit and guess who the transit guy is? A group of students and I took points at 16 cm intervals and 10 cm intervals for 2 day. That’s right 2 whole days. Over 2,000 points for all the trenches. It was a little mind numbing to say the least. Although from what Taylor (the GIS analyst) has shown me it will be a cool project when it is done. There will be a 3d map of the floor of the trenches (pretty cool).

Beyond just digging I have been doing no much else. Last weekend I spent the morning in Siena and then Joe and I made homemade lasagna (we even made the pasta for it). Then most of my week was spent working. On Monday, I taught a lesson on how to use the transit. On Tuesday, I got to lecture on the hut of CC-7. The rest of the time I spent working on my trench book and documentation.

Thursday was student dinner. Which consisted of crostini, onion bread, 2 types of pasta, and then a porcchetta (which is a style of roasting pig). And of course there was a lot of red and white wine to drink. Friday was staff dinner at Donettela’s new restaurant, il Liberdinosa. We ate amazing pasta there too and of course there was a lot of wine for everyone to drink.

Now I am about to leave Italy for home. Right now I am sitting at the Irish pub outside of the bus station in Siena watching the world go by. Soon I will be on a bus to Rome and a plane to Denver. I can’t believe that on Monday I am going to be starting work again.

This summer has been a weird one, but I must say that it has been on of my favorite Scavi summers by far. As I was telling some first year students at Poggio Civitate, I don’t remember what I did during the summers before Scavi and I don’t know what I would do without Scavi. Well that is the end of the seasons for me. Till next year when I travel to Italy again. Ciao Ciao, Prossimo Anno!


About handyatmurlo

I am a Latin teacher at Regis Jesuit High School. I earned my MA at CU Boulder and my BA at UMass Amherst. I have spent my summers working in Italy as an archaeologist at three different sites. One I have worked at for 10 years at Poggio Civitate at Vescovado di Murlo. I have worked at the Villa of Maxentius in Rome for 2 years, before the project ended. I also spent 2 summers at the FSU excavations in Cosa.
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