Baccala and Birra

Normally I do post that cover the week, but tonight I am going to entertain with a post about food instead. Don’t worry, my weekly update will come on Sunday. But tonight I had the best last meal in Rome I could ask for. So I finished up touring around the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum at closing time. I got to see the Domitianic hall, the Via Novus, Regia, and the temple of Elagabalus in addition to all the other major monuments. But after working all day and then running around the archaeology sites I was a little tired, but not yet hungry. So I decided to head to the Sardinia import place that Jake showed us earlier and get a artigianale birra (it is their name for microbrews). I got the Birra Lara (company) Moretta, which is ale similar to a porter and just watch the world go by. I took a Rubja IPA to go and took care of my hunger next. I went to the Baccala Fritta shop next to Campo dei Fiori. I mentioned this in my last post, but I am not sure if I made clear that this place has two things birra al spina (beer from the tap) and baccala. Tonight I had the baccala to-go, and old Italian woman came up and asked how many and I answered correctly two (Jake, Cam, and I got 3 last time which lead to a food comma that was hard to get up from). I took my moist and perfectly fried filetti di baccala and birra IPA and sat on the steps of the church in the piazza. A kind Italian shop owner opened my beer since I had left my leatherman at home. But after that I enjoyed beer and fried food and it was great.

I don’t claim to be a great food connoisseur. I can appreciate good food that is given to me, but I love the simple foods and there is no simpler a meal than beer and fried fish. And a plus is that I got to enjoy it in Rome.

Well, sorry for bothering you with this post, but I hope for some of you I got the taste buds twitching and that some of you try it for yourself next time you are in Rome.

Ciao for now


About handyatmurlo

I am a Latin teacher at Regis Jesuit High School. I earned my MA at CU Boulder and my BA at UMass Amherst. I have spent my summers working in Italy as an archaeologist at three different sites. One I have worked at for 10 years at Poggio Civitate at Vescovado di Murlo. I have worked at the Villa of Maxentius in Rome for 2 years, before the project ended. I also spent 2 summers at the FSU excavations in Cosa.
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  1. says:

    Your simple meal sounded wonderful…give me the address, I am booking my flight tonight! 🙂

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