Well here we are at the end. Typing up all my daily entries was a lot of things: boring, fascinating, cringe worthy and nostalgic. Oh and I am still a terrible speller. Doing this brought back a lot of memories of my first field season and made me miss the work even more.

I can see where some of my style for my trench books began in this log. I am glad I did it. I know in the last few years that I was at Poggio Civitate we had moved away from it but I now see how important it was for me when I came back as an area supervisor. It started my observation skills, which my wife now finds annoying, but I needed to start somewhere.

I am glad I took this journey and I hope you didn’t find it too boring. It kept me busy for a few hours during my shelter in place time of the pandemic. Thanks for coming with me. Once we are on the other side of this I hope to take a big adventure with my wife and will resurrect the blog then. Till then Ciao and Valete!

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Day 35 Poggio Civitate 2007


Today I was in Dan’s trench because of Katie [my ex- it was awkward]. I worked in T-47 extension looking for a column pad. No pad yet but we did find a cool looking head of bone.

We are pulling up soooo much stuff [from the orientalizing floor]. I found 2 rocchetti fragments and Anna was able to put them together!

[And that is where it ended, I remember this day since we found soo much stuff and I dug in the hole where the column pad would be for a long time]. It was the second to last day of the field season I believe]


Day 30.7.7

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Day 30+32 Poggio Civitate 2007

[Well clearly I got really lazy there, I mean I took notes at lectures and wrote a draft of one of my essays- which was terrible. But here I continue the narrative about 2 weeks from the end of the season. This also might have been the time when Steffanie and I and a few other students were assigned to back fill a bunch of old trenches because the land owners got fearful that someone would get hurt and sue them- a hunter hurt himself falling in an agricultural ditch that summer]

Day 30 25/7/7

So I am in T-48 (Kate’s). We have been digging in crap. We are picking in a hard yellowy soil. We declared a new locus after 3 pick passes we hit the orientalizing lucky charm. Then for the rest of the day we did 1 whole pick pass over the trench and picked up 6 bowls of terra cotta [which is a lot].

Day 32 27/7/7

We hit bone! I found none of it but we are on the top of the ivory/bone dump. We have a gioched example and some other polished pieces. We also got some cool Italo-Corinthian pottery. Chris remained on site to continue his feature. And people are ass-munches who care little for their tools [must have been channeling Ron Swanson there].

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